October 27/2017 My mother’s 80th Surprise Party

October 27/2017 My mother’s 80th Surprise Party

You’re probably wondering  why I’m putting my mother’s surprise birthday party on the Helix website.  I did this to illustrate how, as a musician, we are frequently required to balance family & band life.  In this particular case, my sister Donna booked the hall for the party on a date that the hall was available. Unfortunately it was the same day Helix was  playing at The Music Hall in Oshawa.

On top of everything else, the lead up to party was hectic.   The weekend before we were in St. John’s, Newfoundland.   Although the date went well, it took the entire weekend to get out there, play the gig, and then fly back.  Fritz hurt himself falling off stage and the return to Pearson was complicated because we all had to sign the new Helix vinyl for THE DEVIL IS HAVING A PARTY TONIGHT.  This was because of the bumper to bumper traffic when we left on the Friday. We were all parked miles apart from each other.  We also flew out of one terminal and back into another because we flew different airlines.   After screwing around for a couple of hours we finally made it back home to London about noon.

The next morning it was up and at em to drive up to Burlington to drop off the signed vinyl and then back home by early afternoon to take my Honda in to be winterized.  On the Thursday before the party we were in Brampton at the Rose Theatre with Lee Aaron, so Tuesday & Wednesday I worked on a film for my mother’s party.  Thursday morning  I was up and out the door by 6A.M., picked up my sound man Mike Seguin at Pearson by 9:15 and in downtown Toronto for “The Vinyl Cafe” by 11A.M.   At 1P.M. Mike and I headed over to Brampton and crashed out at our hotel until soundcheck at 4P.M.  We hit the stage at 8P.M. and by midnight I was back home in London.  The next day was the release party for The Devil is having a Party Tonight and also my solo CD GET YER HANDS DIRTY.   The party was a success but once again I didn’t get to bed until 3A.M.


On the Saturday of my mom’s party I was up by 6A.M. and out the door for Listowel by 10A.M.  The party started at noon and I was outta there by 2:30 and in Oshawa for my gig by 5P.M.  Here’s my mom’s surprise party.








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