March 2006 Who crapped in the pail?

March 2006 Who crapped in the pail?

This little piece of somewhat vulgar film was taken 11 years ago when the line-up in the band was completely different than it is today. It was also a time of struggle for us and it was difficult for me to even keep the band going. Luckily, my agent Bernie Aubin, at Canadian Classic Rock did just that, and that’s why I’m still with him today. Bernie put many western tours together through the western Canadian bars. Some were real holes, but they paid the bills and allowed us to exist.

The clip starts out at The Shamrock in Calgary. I’m bitching about the rooms, which you had to experience first hand to get the total “ambiance”. The next scene we’re at the Frank Slide in British Columbia, where in the 1800’s there was a landslide that buried the whole town of Hope. What you don’t see is the club we were headed to in Elkford, B.C. (I think that was the name). It was a tiny, tiny sports bar or something, and there were about 6 people at the show….depressing!

The lineup at that time was Brian Doerner on drums, Jerry Finn & Jim Lawson on guitar, Jeff Fountain on bass, and myself singing. Brian was Brent’s identical twin brother who had played on our very first album “Breaking Loose” and who eventually went on to play for Saga. Jerry Finn played for a variety of bands, as did Jeff Fountain. Jim Lawson was with the band for many years and eventually I had to let him go around 2008 when the band reformed. Him and Brent got along like oil and water. The final straw was when Jim tried to tell Brent he was playing the lead incorrectly in one of the old songs. Brent retorted, “I WROTE THAT F**KING LEAD!!!”

At the end of the clip the conversation in the van is about someone crapping in a pail. No sh*t and no pun intended. Someone (who will remain nameless) bunged the toilet up the night before and when the got up in the morning had to go again. The toilet in the room was full to overflowing so this person (again unnamed) took a crap in the waste basket in the bathroom and left it as a surprise for the maid. What can I say (??!!!!) except IT WASN’T ME. LOL.

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