Ingwie Malsteen comes to the gig 1990

Ingwie Malsteen comes to the gig 1990

In 1990 Helix toured Europe, opening up for Ian Gillan (one of my rock and roll heroes!)  The tour kicked off in Hungary, which was still communist at that time.  From there it wound it’s way through Austria, Italy, Germany, Luxomburg, and finally Sweden.   That afternoon Ingwie Malsteen showed up drinking a beer at about 3 in the afternoon.  In the clip you see here, Paul Hackman is filming and talking to Ingwie.  (In fact, if you look close at the beginning of that clip, you can see me standing behind Ingwie in the shadows)

That night after our show, on our way back to our dressing room, we passed Ingwie sitting in Ian Gillan’s dressing room.  He asked, “Where the fuck is the booze?”

I told him I didn’t know-it wasn’t our dressing room.   After we cleaned up, we went back out to catch Ingwie playing with Ian Gillan’s band.  I filmed that.  In all, I believe I have 4 songs, one of which is here-Lucille.  Ian Gillan was a great singer-one of the best-and I’m so happy I was able to capture these moments on film.  Some of the players in Gillan’s band were Chris Glen (bass) and Ted McKenna (drums)  from the Amazing Alex Harvey band, as well as Tommy Ayers, who played keyboards on Joe Cocker’s “A Little Help From My Friends” and Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.”

After the Gillan set Ingwie came back to our dressing room and when we filmed him he spoke in Swedish.  In 2016 I posted the clip on Facebook and asked if any Swedish fans could decipher for me what he said.   One letter writer told me that Ingwie said something like, “The band really rocked and I hope the bass player blows me again.”   LOL.

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