2005 Recording The Power of Rock and Roll

2005 Recording The Power of Rock and Roll

These clips were filmed primarily at Mole Studios in London, Ontario, owned by Rainer Weichman.  The CD was finished off at EMAC studios.   In these films the following people apear:

Steve Georgakopoulos/co-writer and guitar player on some of the tracks

Gord Prior/co-writer, producer, background vocalsm cymbal crasher

Doug Weir/singer for Syre-background vocals

Barry Connor:  Background vocals

Jeff Fountain:  Background vocals/bass

The Power of Rock and Roll would be a comeback CD for Helix.  In Europe the CD was release on Sanctuary Records, in the U.S. on Perris Records, and in Canada on E.M.I.  The single from the CD, “Get Up!” became a minor hit on Canadian radio.

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