1993 Good to the Last Drop/Stages, Kitchener, Ontario.

1993 Good to the Last Drop/Stages, Kitchener, Ontario.

Here’s just one of the many line-ups we had (all great musicians) during the 90’s:   Stage left on guitar is Mark Chichken from Windsor, Ontario.  Dynamite voice and great guitar player.  He originally was with the Windsor band THE UNITED SNAKES and now plays with a couple of very skilled R&B bands on both sides of the border.  The guitar player on the right is Greg Fraser.  “Fraze” was/is the guitarist for the heavy duty Canadian metal outfit BRIGHTON ROCK, fronted by razor throated vocalist Jerry McGee, who now owns ISOTOPE Records in Burlington.   Then there’s Daryl on bass, Fritz on drums, and myself on lead vocals. (You can read about this era of the band in my autobiography “Gimme an R!” available at the merch section of this website. The song GOOD TO THE LAST DROP appears on several Helix CDs available on this website:  BACK FOR ANOTHER TASTE (original version), ROCK IT SCIENCE (radio version, Bongovi re-mix with Aldo Nova background vocals), SMASH HITS UNPLUGGED (acoustic version), and several “Best Of” CDs)


Stages was a club down on King Street in Waterloo, Ontario.  It had a floor at  the bottom in front of the stage and then above that were balconies running around the club-like a second floor.  We played there a couple of times.  I believe it could have been owned by Ross or Barry Greives, who previously were owners of the Coronet Motor Hotel, (famous!) on upper Victoria Street.  Kitchener was also considered our “home town” because that’s where we originated and where most of the early members-Brent Doerner, Bruce Arnold, Keith Zurbrigg, me (!), & Brian Doerner lived.  Later, as some of those members left the band, and Paul joined from the St. Thomas/London area, AND BECAUSE WE HAD A FEVERISH LONDON FOLLOWING we started to tell people we were from London…LOL.   I claim them both!

In picture from left to right: Mark Chichken/lead guitar, myself, Fritz, and Greg Fraser/lead guitar.

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