1984 Octoberfest pic for David Muntz
X-rated Octoberfest shot for David Muntz.

1984: This particular picture was taken at a Kitchener photo shoot the day after finishing up the filming of the ROCK YOU video at the Toronto Brick Yards in Toronto.   We had slept in our cars that night, gotten up and taken a freezing cold shower at the Brickyards, gone to our Toronto lawyer, and then to Kitchener…The shot was for David Muntz or “Munzie” as everyone called him.  He was the Capitol/E.M.I. rep responsible for getting us signed to the label.  He came from England where he was very tuned into the emerging metal scene, having been at Capitol when Iron Maiden was signed over there.  We wanted to come up with something unique for him, and being from Kitchener, Ontario (a German city with the 2nd biggest Octoberfest celebration in the world) we thought this would be an appropriate shot for him to remember us by.   I think Brent’s dad gave him the lieder hosin and Octoberfest hats to wear.   The flower in Daryl’s ass?  Anyone’s guess.  From left to right:  Paul Hackman/guitar, Brian Vollmer/lead vocals, Greg “Fritz” Hinz/drums, Brent Doerner/guitar, Daryl Gray/bass

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