Kenny Heague
Dad and The Cake

Ken Heague:

When the band first formed in 1974 Ken Heague was there.  Ken was the artistic friend of Bruce Arnold who had emigrated from England with his parents and who  went to school with Bruce at Bluevale.  Kenny designed the first Helix logo, which was very much like the Dean drawings on the YES albums.  Capitol/E.M.I. later took Kenny’s logo and modified it into the logo we have to this day.

Ken ended up being our soundman/road manager for many years, leaving only in the 90’s when things started to go south for us.  After Helix he went on to work for Green Jelly, Melissa Etheridge, The Indigo Girls, Fleetwood Mac, and many more.  Finally he ended up in Indianapolis working for the Colts and rubbing elbows with guys like Peyton Manning (he has Peyton’s jersey that he wore when he was signed hanging in his front living room).  Today Ken lives in Stratford and is enjoying life.

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