Ken Heague and his Disco Sucks t-shirt

Ken Heague was our soundman/lightman from our inception in 1974 until around 1990.   Back when we started we were known for our “Disco Sucks” cheer, in which we got everyone in the bar to stand up and yell “Disco Sucks!”  This came at the end of our beer drinking contest, which we stuck in the middle of an original song called “Crazy-Small Town Blues.”  Ken actually had a different color Disco Sucks shirt for every day of the week. After Ken left Helix he went on to work for Green Jelly, Melissa Ethridge, Fleewood Mac, Live, The Indigo Girls, Bette Midler, and finally the Indianapolis Colts.  In fact, he has the jersey that Peyton Manning wore when he was signed to the Colts, a Superbowl ring, and when Manning retired the first story he recanted to the press was how he met Ken Heague on the Colts jet.

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