Jan. 2012 Trip to Southern U.S.
Brian in Arizona
Brian Jeff and Debbie Hammer
Brian in Tucson jan 2013

January 2012 trip to the Southern U.S.

Lynda and I usually go on package deal holidays to the Caribbean unless we’re travelling overseas to visit our relatives in England (her brother Dave) and Cyprus (her sister Yvonne).   We decided in 2012, after receiving an inheritance from her Aunt Marjorie, to finally go on a “proper” holiday.  We had it all planned out:  We were going to fly into Vegas, rent a car and start driving for Phoenix and Albuquerque, stopping along the way to take in the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  Well….

We got to Vegas and it was so cold that they had to put heaters outside at The Flamingo to keep the birds warm.   The Hoover Dam was also freezing cold (and windy), as was our brief visit to the Grand Canyon the next day.  We were driving in search of warmth really and thought that surely in Albuquerque the thermometer would go up a little bit.  Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, so we headed west along the Mexican/U.S. border until we reached Tucson (which Lynda to this day pronounces Tuck Son-LOL)   There we visited with Jeff & Debra Hammer, who used to own Houston Records & Tapes, where everyone back in the day played right in the store-Def Lepard is one I’m sure of…It didn’t really warm up until we hit Palm Springs, California.   I went out for a jog in my new jogging shoes that I had bought in San Diego the day before (another freezing cold place) and after my half hour run I was limping from a pulled something or other.   I could hardly stand on that foot it was so painful.

The next morning I went to take a shower, looked up at the shower head, and there was a 3″ long cockroach!  I freaked, hit it off the shower head, where it fell into the bathtub and tried to make a run for it out of the tub, but could only manage to almost get to the top of the tub before it would slip back.  I went to grab a towel to kill it, did a pickle jar sommersault out of the shower, and whacked my foot on the toilet on my way to the bathroom floor, breaking my toe on my other foot.

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