Ed Johnson

Very early in my career (1976)  I developed nodes on my vocal cords due to the grueling nature of playing 6-7 nights a week, 3-5 sets/night on the Ontario bar circuit.  I was told by a throat specialist that unless I stopped singing immediately I wouldn’t even be able to talk in a few years.  I was devastated, as the only thing I’d ever wanted to do in  my life was sing.  My manager, William Seip, sent me to a voice teacher in Hamilton by the name of Edward Johnson who taught the old Italian method of singing called “Bel Canto” or “beautiful voice”.    Ed took me aside and said, “Just do as I say and your nodes will go away.  It won’t be an over night thing though-you didn’t get them over night and you’re not going to get rid of them over night.  I took what he said to heart and in one year, without taking any time off, my nodes went away, although it was years before I could sing with confidence again.   Around 1988, after my divorce from my first wife, I found myself homeless (after gold and platinum albums) and turned to Ed once again-this time to see if I could be a voice teacher.  I would travel 2-1/2 hours from London, Ontario to Fergus where he lived to take lessons, not only for my own voice, but to learn the technique.   Ed died a couple of years ago.   He was like a father to me and I had just left his hospital room about 15 minutes before he passed away.  Today I teach the technique he taught me.  Some of my students include Morgan & Mercedes Lander from Kitty and Tim Hicks (Canadian country music star).

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