Backstage at Lulus with Ted Nugent

This photo was taken sometime during the 90’s at Lulus Roadhouse in Kitchener.  We had all gone to see “the Nuge” there courtesy of one of our old roadies “Pooh Bear” (Dean Mitchell) who worked for us for many years and who had become Nugent’s guitar roadie.  Dean was from Green Bay, Wisconsin and his first gig on the road was with Helix.  Anyway, I didn’t stick around for the aftershow “meet and greet” in Nugent’s dressing room because I had an hour’s drive to get back home to London, Ontario.  I’m still debating whether I should have or not, as Brent got into some type of kerfluffle with Ted that led to Nugent freaking out on Brent in front of a whole whack of people over some misunderstanding in the dressing room.  It was my understanding that Nugent misunderstood what Brent was trying to say to him that night.  It was at the height of a controversy involving Nugent that was in all the Canadian papers where he had made some comment about the Ontario spring bear hunt or something.  Brent’s brother was one of the top bow hunters in Ontario at that time, and if I understand the story correctly, Brent was trying to explain that he was on Nugent’s side in the controversy.  Nugent  took him entirely the opposite way that Brent meant it, and hence a BIG scene.  I wasn’t there though…and got conflicting perspectives on the story…I guess you’ll have to ask Brent what went down.  LOL.

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