1978: With Styx in Halifax in front of Zapatas
214 C Styx in Halifax

With Styx in Halifax 1978.  In front of Zapatas on Citadel Hill.  They had come through the kitchen at the club to hear us play “Sweet Madame Blue”.  The owner was so pissed off  that he threw them out!

Zapatas was the first club we ever played in Halifax.   Ritchie Oakly, who was known as the East Coast’s “bad boy” was playing the night before we got there so we went to catch the show.   Ritchie came down to our table and explained to me, “Sorry if I’m a little off tonight-I did mushrooms.”  They had a lead singer that looked like Roger Daltry and the band rocked.  The next morning as both bands were moving out of the hotel we were staying at, I  vaguely remember someone from their camp talk about being in a bathtub with an acoustic guitar the night before.  But I digress…

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