2010 Video shoot for Make ’em Dance
Helix video shootIMG_1003
Helix video shootIMG_0235
Helix video shootIMG_0237
Helix video shootIMG_0220
Helix video shootIMG_0219
Helix video shootIMG_0218
Helix video shootIMG_0203
Helix video shootIMG_0201
Helix video shoot

2010:  Video shoot for Make ’em Dance

In 2010 we filmed the videos for Make ’em Dance and Monday Morning Meltdown at our friends Lionel and Bonnie Simard, who lived just outside of Woodstock.  These songs were from The Vagabond Bones CD, which is available on the merch section of our website.  This was the beginning of us starting to plan/script our own videos.  Ironically, longtime Helix guitarist Brent Doerner, who retired around 2014, has become the “go-to” guy for the band in regards to new vids these days. As recently as 2016 Brent produced the video for Gene Simmons Says (Rock Is Dead) for the band.

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