2009 Helix line-up short-lived
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2009 Helix line-up short-lived

Here’s a line-up of the band which was short lived, but each member has a Helix story to tell.

From left to right:

Rob McEachern:  Played on the POWER OF ROCK AND ROLL CD and a lot of VAGABOND BONES.

Jim Lawson:  Was in the band for many years.  Was let go in 2009.

Brent Doerner (and myself):  Brent joined the band around 1976 and was in the band until 1989.  We were like brothers and still are.  Brent did intermittent stints with us (like the ill fated western Canadian tour where Paul Hackman was killed), re-joining the band in 2008 and finally retiring for good around 2003.

Sean Kelly:  Sean always wanted to play guitar for Helix.  Ended up playing bass and then leaving to play guitar for Nelly Furtado.  Because he played in Helix we ended up becoming writing partners and over the past couple of years have written Vagabond Bones & Bastard of the Blues.  Last year we penned the song Gene Simmons Says (Rock Is Dead)

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