Jimmy and Sean
Jimmy thumbs up
Jim Rob Sean GREAT
Jim Cathy Griffin Rob
Brian V after show
Brian Kip Winger on bus
Brent and Bryn Bennett of Bang Camaro
Brent and Lips
Brent on floor after show


Here are some shots from 2009 when Helix played ROCKLAHOMA.  The reformed band was just starting to get back together.   The line-up that was playing together at this point were Brent Doerner/guitar, Sean Kelly/bass/Jim Lawson/guitar, Rob McEachern/drums, and myself.  Eventually Jim Lawson was replaced by Kaleb Duck.   Sean left the band to play guitar for Nelly Furtado and Daryl Gray rejoined the band and remains a member to this day.  Once Daryl was back in the band I sat down with Rob and told him I was going to bring Fritz back.  Rob eloquently agreed to step aside out of respect or myself and Fritz.  Brent Doerner eventually retired around 2003 for good (although he is still heavily involved with Helix, filming their videos, helping with posters, etc) and was replaced by John Klaus, who eventually was replaced by Chris Julke.


In the pictures:

Brent on the floor of the dressing room after the show.  It was around 120 degrees that afternoon.  I had to leave the stage at one point because I couldn’t breathe.

Brent with Rob Reiner of ANVIL back at the hotel bar.

Brent and Bryn Bennett of Bang Camaro

Brian Kip Winger on bus: So we see this guy waiting around outside the front lobby of the band hotel.  As we get in our shuttle to go to the performance grounds, he approaches us and asks if it’s possible to catch a ride.  I asked him, “This is only for the festival’s entertainers-Are you in one of the bands?”to which he replied, “Yah,-I’m Kip Winger,” to which I replied, “Well then, get in Kip!”

Me after the show.

Rob McEachern/Jim Lawson with Cathy Griffin at the airport

Jim Lawson/Rob McEachern/Sean Kelly

Jim Lawson

Jim Lawson tries to explain something Sean Kelly just can’t figure out….



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