2009 Chisasibi, Quebec: Visiting the “Dam Fool Dam”
Chisasibi Sean Kelly
Chisasibi RAndy
Chisasibi Randy and Dennis at wigwam
Chisasibi cu Randy wigwam
Chisasibi at damn with Randy
Chisasibi at damn with Fritz pointing at wigwam

2009 Chisasibi, Quebec:  Visiting the “Dam Fool Dam”

This had to be one of the strangest, most memorable gigs we’ve ever done.   We had to drive to Montreal, then fly 3-1/2 hours north to James Bay and the town of Chisasibi, Quebec, home of the Cree Nation.   These are some of the pictures taken when the town’s chief took us by tour bus to the Bourassa Dam, part of the James Bay Hydro Electric  Project.   The chief told me the locals call it “The Dam Fool Dam.”    LOL.

In pictures:

Fritz pointing at poster showing an adult Cree holding a baby who is holding a rifle.

Randy Heywood in front of wigwam.  In background Kaleb and Dan Nullmeyer (soundman)


Randy & Dennis (chief)

Randy in his “pining for the fiords” pose

Sean Kelly (with Fritz and Dan Nullmeyer in background) Note*  For a reason I can’t remember, Daryl couldn’t do this gig, so Sean Kelly was enlisted to play bass.


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