1996: Helix on cover of BW&BK
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1996: Helix on cover of BW&BK

One of the biggest supporters of Helix over the years has been the magazine BRAVE WORDS & BLOODY KNUCKLES, run by my good friend heavy metal Tim Henderson.  Nowadays the magazine has turned from being a hard copy magazine into a webzine, but it still holds major influence in metal circles.

In 1996, after Paul Hackman had died and after the  Business Doing Pleasure album had stalled out with fans, Daryl and I decided to release the only tracks we had.   Our reasoning was that we needed something quick just to keep our names out there until we came up with the next Helix studio CD.  We had recorded a live album in St. Thomas, Ontario before Paul died, so we decided to sift through those tapes and add some unreleased  music to the mix and put out an album.  The “Half-alive” name was meant to reflect the fact that half the album was “live” and half the album was new studio material.  Morbidly, some people thought the title meant that since Paul had died, the band was “half alive.”

Some of the unreleased tracks I thought were very good:  Wrecking Ball, Shock City Psycho Rock, and Same Room especially.  It was through this period of the band that we released a lot of back catalog and  unreleased tracks.   After Half-alive had run it’s course, I released B-SIDES, LIVE! IN BUFFALO, and NEVER TRUST ANYONE OVER 30.

You can read all about this era of the band’s history by reading my autobiography “Gimme an R!”, available at the website merch store.  The CDs mentioned above have all been re-issued by Perris Records and are available on this website as well.

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