1985 At The Horseshoe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Copy of long way the horseshoe with luba christopher ward

This picture was taken at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto after (I think) a benefit concert for Heather Brown, who had designed the No Rest For The Wicked/Walking the Razor’s Edge/Long Way to Heaven album covers.  Ditto for many of the other stars who performed that night.  Notable in the picture is former Much Music VJ Christopher Ward, who was there because his girlfriend at the time, Atlanta Myles, who was Heather’s best friend, and who was also throwing the benefit, was performing that night as well.  It was the first time I had ever seen Atlanta Myles, and I remember going up to her after the show and saying, “You’re going to be a star!”  She just laughed and commented that maybe she’d back up HELIX someday…I phoned Dean Cameron of  Capitol Canada the next Monday morning and told him, “I just saw this amazing act called Atlanta Myles-you should sign her…” to which he replied, “Aw, we’ve already looked at her…we passed…”   The next time I would hear from Atlanta Myles was on the radio with her hit song “Black Velvet”-written by who else?  Christopher Ward.

In picture from left to right:  Brian Vollmer (me), Brent Doerner, Luba, Daryl Gray, Steve McCauley (Capitol), Christopher Ward, Bones (Capitol)

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