1980 First concert w/Max Webster
223 B First concert with Max Webster

1980 First concert w/Max Webster

This was our first concert ever, and it happened on a December night in 1980 at The Kitchener Auditorium.   We were supposed to be the opening act on a three act bill including B.B.Gabor and Max Webster.   Suddenly, just before the show was to start, B.B.Gabor came over and asked if he could go on first, as he didn’t think “it was his crowd.”  He seemed a little scared.

Up to that point in my life I had a re-occurring dream where I’m visiting the palace of a king.   The palace floors are covered in red carpet and on the stone walls are many oil lamps to light the room.  I have to climb a set of red carpeted stairs and at the top is the King’s throne.

When I took the stage that night and I walked up the ramp to the stage, suddenly there was my dream laid before me:  The ramp to the stage was covered in red carpet, the “throne” was Max Webster’s massive drum kit at the top of the ramp, and the oil lamps on the walls were the hundreds of lighters in the audience held up to show us their support.  After that night I never had that dream again.

Notable in this picture is Mike Uzilac on bass guitar.   Keith Zurbrigg had just quit the band and narrowly missed out on one of the biggest gigs of the band’s career.  The next night we played London Gardens, this time with Max Webster & Goddo.   Greg and I would become life long friends.   Leo Neibedek, who played on The White Lace & Black Leather album, is on drums, having just replaced Brian Doerner.  It was a pivotal time in our career of which I have many fond memories.

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