1979: Brent Doerner/Bob McAdory
breaking loose bob macadory

This was our at our first TV interview on Global News in Toronto with Bob McAdory.   We had just returned from a triumphant tour of Texas with our first independent album “Breaking Loose”.  Our manager William Seip was trying to “prep us” before the show, but the only thing his in the face lecture did was to make us 100 times more nervous than we already were.  And we were REALLY nervous…In the middle of the interview, after showing some footage from our Amarillo College show on the screen, McAdory suddenly turns to Brent and asks, “So Brent, which audiences do you like better-Texas audiences or Canadian audiences…?”   Brent froze, not knowing what to say.   After several awkward seconds, which seemed like an eternity, McAdory jumped back in.   After the interview, Seipy came running up to us (with Tom Tremouth, who produced our first Capitol album) and screamed, “ARE YOU GUYS STONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????”

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