1979: 45 label of YOU’RE A WOMAN NOW

In 1979 Helix released it’s first independent album “Breaking Loose”.   One of the songs, “You’re a Woman Now” became a HUGE hit in Texas, largely due to airplay by The Godfather of Rock and Roll, Joe Anthony of KISS/KAMAC, out of San Antonio.  Joe controlled the market in that area of the state and was responsible for breaking Judas Priest, AC/DC, Triumph, and many more.   We received so much airplay from this song that eventually we did our first ever U.S. tour to Texas, playing in Helotiz, (outside San Antonio), Houston, Dallas, and Amarillo College.

The original title of “You’re a Woman Now” was “Joan, Don’t You Worry”.  Once we changed the line to “No, don’t you worry” the title also changed. Paul wrote it about some virgin he slept with in Espanola, Ontario.  The next morning she left with a trophy pair of his underwear.   LOL.

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