1978: A poster of our first ever Canadian East Coast Tour


This is a poster from our first ever Canadian Maritime tour.  This is where we wrote a lot of the material that ended up on the Breaking Loose album, our first independent album which we released the next year.  It was also on this tour that we put our first ever “original” set onstage, a huge step for any band at that time on the circuit, because you were supposed to only play cover songs.  We did so-so at a lot of these venues.   In fact, at some of them we bombed, but at the last gig at the Hilltop Pub in Fredericton, we were STARS!  There were line-ups to see the band and hear our original songs every night.  We made tons of new friends, some of which would come out and see us in Alberta years later after they had moved there and we were playing there.  Read all about it in my autobiography “Gimme An R!”

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