1977: We sign with DRAM booking agency
Helix and tim o donell of dram

1977: We sign with DRAM booking agency

In 1977 we signed with DRAM booking agency, which had an office in Waterloo, Ontario.  There were a few agencies back then and DRAM was a major player in booking bands for the lucrative and busy bar circuit that ran right across the county.  The back parking lot at the agency was filled with Cadillacs of the agents-Brian Daley, Bill Jeffross, and  Tim O’Donnell.   Bill Seip, our manager, was also an agent there, so it seemed only logical we’d be signed to be on the roster.  DRAM was responsible for putting us out on the circuit, high school gigs, and the occasional bigger concert gigs like the first time we played at Algonquin College in Ottawa with Jerry Doucette.

In picture:

Directly in front:  Tim O’Donnell

From left to right:  Brian Doerner, Kenny Heague, Brent Doerner, Brian Vollmer, Paul Hackman, Keith Zurbrigg, William Seip.  Have no idea who’s hidden in back.


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