1976: Paul Hackman/Brent Doerner/Keith Zurbrigg
Copy of PaulBrentBert
Copy of Paul Brent

1976: Paul Hackman/Brent Doerner/Keith Zurbrigg

This picture was taken at the Coronet Motor Hotel, located at the time on Victoria Street.  This was in the Crown Room on the second floor.  The club was owned by Ross Greives and his brother Barry owned The Manor, a club we played in Kingston.  Notable in this picture is Brent’s Gibson Explorer.  Nice guitar.  Paul is playing his Fender Strat, a priceless guitar nowadays.  The fretts were so full of divots that it would go out of tune (sharp)  every time he pressed down too hard.  We were always on his case to get it re-scalloped and finally he did it.  But he didn’t like the job they did and bitched about that for a long time.  Bert is playing a “Ricki”, a guitar I suspected he bought because he was a big Chris Squire fan.

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