early shot original band waterloo park


This is one of the earliest shots I have of Helix, taken at Waterloo Park at a very early gig.  It’s actually missing one of the original, original members-Rick Trembley, who played guitar.   Bruce Arnold (second left) and Ron Watson (far left) fired Rick or “Minstrel” as we called him.   The rest of us were bystanders on this move-but we didn’t put up an argument either.  It was really their band anyway, Bruce having started it with Ron, and then adding members as it grew.   Eventually Bruce was replaced by Brian Doerner, who stayed in the band until 1979, and Ron was repladed by Brent Doerner, who was a stable member of the band until 1989.  Don Simmons, (middle) who played keyboards in the band, was replaced by Paul Hackman.  Paul was a guitar player but we couldn’t find a keyboard player so guitar it was.  This drastically changed our sound and the direction of the band.  At the far right of the picture is Keith Zurbrigg (bass).   Bert as he was known, would be a solid member of the band until 1979 when he was replaced by Mike Uzilac.  Bert was famous for his top hat and tails which he wore onstage.

In this picture:  From left to right:  Ron Watson/lead guitar, Bruce Arnold/drums, Don Simmons/keyboards, Brian Vollmer/lead vocals, and Keith Zurbrigg/bass.

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