1974 Battle of the Bands
battle of the bands brian bert ron
battle of the bands brian bruce

1974 Battle of the Bands

Helix came together as a result of Sherwood Music’s “Battle of the Bands” held at the C.O.E. (Central Ontario Exhibition) in Kitchener, Ontario.  The first year that I was in it with Don Simmons (Helix’s original keyboardist) was when we were in a little high school band from Listowel, Ontario called “Homegrown”.   That band didn’t fare too well, but through that experience we met Bruce Arnold & Ron Watson and would go on to form “The Helix Field Band”, which would win the next year.  After that we started getting high school bookings and proceeded to bomb at each one.  It wasn’t until we picked up management in the form of William Seip that things started to pick up for us.

In main pic: from left to right: me/Bruce Arnold/Keith Zurbrigg/Ron Watson


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