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DATE: June 7, 2017
TIME: 9:00 am
LOCATION: Malmo, Sweden
VENUE: Sweden Rock Festival, Malmo, Sweden

This is our second time at Sweden Rock Festival, one of the biggest festivals of it’s kind in Europe.  The first time we played there was around 2006 and we had an entirely different line-up in the band.   This time around we have 3 original members and Kaleb Duck and Christopher Julke on guitars.   Kaleb has been in the band for almost 9 years now;  Chris since our tour of Spain 4 years ago.  Last December 10th we played Rocklassiker in Stockholm with Mikkie Dee of Motorhead, The Hooters, and The Darkness.  We aced this show and that’s the reason we’re back!  Check out the article below as well as www.swedenrock.com



Unfortunately we have to announce that Y & T have set their gig at the Sweden Rock Festival in the summer. Deputies on Wednesday will be Canadian HELIX. With “Rock You” from Helix fourth album “Walkin ‘The Razor’s Edge” (1984), the band got a hit that made them the favorites, not least among Swedish hard rockers. Next album “Long Way to Heaven” (1985) was also a Swedish number one. After the heyday Helix has endured many setbacks but delivers musically even in our time on the album “Vagabond Bones” (2009) and “Bastard of the blues” (2014). To say nothing of the stage, an element that made the band’s outspoken, powerful hard rock with Brian Vollmer powerful voice in the seat.

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