DATE: November 16, 2018
TIME: 7:30 am
LOCATION: 35 University Avenue East Waterloo, Ontario


The last time we played Kitchener was ROCK N’ ROAR on King Street in front of city hall.  That gig drew several thousand people, so we’re hoping for a sold out show at Maxwell’s.  Everyone in the band is from the region, with the exception of Daryl.   My parents first had a house on 6th Ave. (across from where the Highway Market USED TO BE-LOL), Fritz & Chris are from Cambridge, and Kaleb  doesn’t live too far from Maxwell’s itself.   Over the past several years the band has just gotten better and better, so if you liked us the last time in town, you’ll love us now.

Helix originated in Kitchener in 1974.  We used to play The Coronet Motor Hotel on Victoria Street.  The Coronet had 3 floors, with bands on each, although the middle room only ran on weekends.  The “pit” was where you started, and eventually, if you were good enough, you graduated to the “Crown Room” on the top floor where all the recording acts played.  Our first gig at the Crown Room saw us as the band for the famous Del Shannon (Runaway/Hats Off to Larry/Little Town Flirt) and we would return many times until we were signed to Capitol/E.M.I. U.S. in 1983.  Our first concert gig was at the Kitchener Auditorium with Max Webster & B.B. Gabor.   In the 90’s we played Lulu’s several times, once for the 20th Anniversary of the band.



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