Rockfest Barcelona 2
DATE: July 7, 2019
TIME: 6:00 pm
LOCATION: Barcelona, Spain


We haven’t been back to Spain since our three dates there in 2014 when we played Madrid, Barcelona, and Pamplona, Spain.   The dates in Madrid & Barcelona were club dates-a step down from when Spanish fans had last seen us in the 80’s on a concert stage.   Madrid was also one of Chris Julke’s first dates and he was just working himself into the band.   Now, here we are 5 years later! Chris has become a solid member of the line-up, the show has developed, and most importantly-the band is back on concert stages.  In 2017 they aced their show with The Darkness and Micky Dee & the All Stars in Stockholm, Sweden.  So impressive was the band that they were invited back only months later to play Sweden Rock, where they were given the enviable spot of going onstage just after 6P.M. to a receptive crowd.  Once again they aced the show and re-established themselves as a world class concert act.

The Rockfest Barcelona gig will also coincide with the release of their first two indie albums Breaking Loose and White Lace & Black Leather on Progaor Records.  As well, they will be releasing a brand new disc of unreleased tracks from around 1989 entitled OLD SCHOOL.  Exciting times!   Don’t miss this show!


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