Heavy Montreal
DATE: July 29, 2018
LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec
VENUE: Parc Jean-Drapeau


A good way to come back to Montreal…We first played the Montreal area in Point Claire at The Maples, way back in the late 70’s…We were blown away when April Wine showed up to watch us, as we were all HUGE fans. The next time we played Montreal it was at The Mustache Club, which was right beside The Montreal Forum. The owner was a guy called Norm Silverman, who resembled Alistor Simms as Scrooge in the 1939 version of “A Christmas Carol”. If you dropped a bottle of beer on the floor of any one of the upstairs rooms it would roll towards whichever wall the floor sloped towards. Downstairs in the club they served only quart bottles of beer and the clientele openly smoked black hash at the tables.

In the 80’s we played The Forum on Triump’s Thunder 7 Tour. During the afternoon I jogged around the top of the building. Cool…years later Kenny Heague, our soundman & road manager for 15 years-was working as the stage production manager for Melissa Etheridge, the last act to play The Forum. In the afternoon he went down to the ice surface where the nets were, and cut out a two foot square piece of netting. He sent it to me in a big manila envelope. I took the netting out and had it in one of my basement cases. I’m not a Habs fan, I’m a Leaf fan, but I have lots of Hab Fan Friends, so…over the years I’ve given away pieces here and there, until now I have only a 6 inch piece.

Our last visit to Montreal was way back with Vince Neil around 2000. Ironically, our first gig on the calendar this year appears to be with Vince at The Regent Club in April. Check out upcoming Helix dates at www.planet.helix.com and =just so you know, there are many dates (especially in June & August that I’m unable to post until I get the thumbs up from the promoters. So stay tuned….




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