This is our first time back in Red Deer in many years.
DATE: July 19, 2018
TIME: 8:00 pm
LOCATION: Red Deer, Alberta
July 19th Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta.July 19, 2018

July 19th Westerner Park, Red Deer, Alberta.

We haven’t played Red Deer in many years.   Our first gig in the city was in the 70’s at The Windsor Hotel, one of the roughest bars we ever played.  Over the years we returned to the city to many other bars-always drawing a large crowd.   This time in we’ll be playing the fair with Lee Aaron.   Sean Kelly, my frequent writing partner will be playing for Lee on that date, so hopefully we’ll hook up for a coffee or meal.  As for Karen (or Lee Aaron, as she’s known to her legion of fans) we’ve been friends since we first played together around 1980.  That’s the fun thing about these gigs-they’re a family reunion of sorts.

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