Winnipeg poster
DATE: April 19, 2018
TIME: 8:00 am
LOCATION: 1425 Regent Avenue West Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
VENUE: Club Regent
APRIL 19TH/2018April 19, 2018

APRIL 19TH/2018

This will be the 5th time we’ve played with Vince Neil over the years.  The first time was in Montreal, way back when Jerry Finn, Mike Hall, Stan Mizchek, and Archie were in the band, the second time was in Thunder Bay at ROCK THE FORT some years later,  the third time was at ROCK THE PARK in London, and the last time was a couple of years ago in Northern Ontario.  We also ALMOST played with Motley Crue back in 1983 in Lynn, Mass. but never went on ‘cos it was the first date of the Theatre of Pain Tour and they couldn’t get everything working in time for us to play…so instead we sold almost $2,000 worth of merch and drank beer backstage with Heather Locklear!   Aw…memories!

This time around we’re coming back to the Regent Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba where we sold out just last year with our old friends KICKAXE.   We have a long history with The ‘Peg, having first played there in the late 70’s at The Norlander.   Our first stadium gig there was with WASP & ?  (can’t remember!)   Lotsa friends there-it’s gonna be a hellva party!


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