Back for Another Taste


Recorded at: River Studios/Fort Erie, Ontario.

Produced by: Helix


Lead vocals: Brian Vollmer

Guitar:  Paul Hackman

Bass:  Daryl Gray

Drums:  Greg “Fritz” Hinz

Having lost their deal with Capitol/E.M.I. records in the U.S. the band had the choice as to whether they wanted to fold or take the money they had saved over the years ($35,000) and go record their own album.  They decided to carry on, although Brent “The Doctor” decided to leave the band.  He was replaced in a live situation by Denny Blake, the first American member of the band.  Denny had been in the Connecticut band Maniacs, which had opened for Helix on the last American tour.   The album was licensed to Capitol in Canada, GRUDGE  Records in the U.S., and GWR in Europe.

In Canada the band was now playing showcase bars.  In Europe the band opened for Ian Gillan across Europe.  The album produced 3 singles: The Storm/Running Wild in the 21st Century/and Good to the Last Drop.   All 3 songs received heavy video play in Canada, with Running Wild winning “Best Metal Video of the Year” at the Much Music Awards, courtesy of producer Phil Kates. Good to the Last Drop would become the band’s first Top 40 hit in Canada.

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