Bastard of the Blues


I’m very proud of the writing on this CD.  It was the 3rd CD I’d co-written with Sean Kelly, who initially played bass for Helix.  Sean had been introduced to me by Mitch Lafon, who wrote for BW&BK (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles) run by Heavy Metal Tim  Henderson.   Sean only played a couple of gigs with us before leaving to go play guitar for Nelly Furtado (I was happy for him when he got this gig) but we continued our writing relationship which continues to this day (May 20th/2017).   In fact, this past week I just finished recording my solo CD GET YER HANDS DIRTY in Toronto, of which Sean was a huge part.  But I’m getting off track….

BASTARD OF THE BLUES was recorded with Aaron Murray in London, Ontario at several different studios.  Some were in Aaron’s home (The “A” Room) and some were at Danny Broadbeck’s old DB Studios, which was by then called Charterhouse Studios.  The single from the CD was “Even Jesus Wasn’t Loved In His Home Town” which jokingly talks about how you can be a star in a distant country and then come home and no one gives a shit.  LOL.  I love that song and we play it every night now in the show.   Here’s how the lyrics go:


I don’t make much money

But I’m living the life

Rubbing shoulders with the best

From the U.S.A. to Spain

I’ve had my share of fame

But back home they are not impressed

I don’t worry

I’m in good company

Just me and the man from Galilee

Cos even Jesus wasn’t loved in his hometown

Even Jesus

So I’ll be making tracks when the sun goes down

I don’t think it’s funny

But what can you do?

Except to grow a thicker skin

And grab your Hoochie Momma

Head off to the Bahamas

And go out and play in the sand and surf

I can see they’re green with jealousy

I try not to take it too seriously

Cos even Jesus wasn’t loved in his home town

Even Jesus

They love to build you up

Just to tear you down

I know where I’m not wanted

And I want you to know-

I don’t mind!

There’s a whole world out there waitin’

Pack my bags and let’s go

I’ll be on that plane

Before the sun goes down


So long



Ironically, we played Spain and the Monsters of Rock Boat Cruise that year, so the lyrics “U.S. to Spain” and “head off to the Bahamas” were very appropriate.  The “Hootchie Momma” line was something that I heard Fritz say on many occasion. So you could say Fritz was my inspiration for that line.  This was the first disc that new guitar player Chris Julke would play on and one of the first dates Chris played was in Barcelona, Spain on a three day Spanish tour (Barcelona/Pamplona/Madrid).   The CD was well received, although I think a lot of people were misled and thought it was a blues CD.  It wasn’t.

The artwork and the extra panels on this disc are a bonus.  Inside the cover (which unfolds outwards revealing the disc, there’s a booklet inside with the lyrics to the songs and individual pictures of each band member (taken by London photographer Victor Azziz).  The musicians and singers who appeared on this disc is impressive as well.   Along with the band and Sean Kelly, we had Nick Walsh of Slic Toxic sing backgrounds on Screamin’ At the Moon and Cheryl Lescom sing backgrounds on Even Jesus and also Bastard of the Blues.  Both are two of the best singers in their genre of music in Canada:  Nick has one of the best metal voices you’d ever want to hear and Cheryl is one of the best blues singers Canada has ever produced.  Both are underated in my opinion.

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