1996: half-ALIVE (Derock Records)

1996: half-ALIVE/Derock Records

After Paul Hackman died in the early 90’s the band released IT’S A BUSINESS DOING PLEASURE, which was really supposed to be Brian Vollmer’s solo CD.   Longtime Helix manager William Seip was now out of the picture, and it was basically just Daryl, Fritz, and Brian left from the 80’s line-up.  Before Paul died the band had recorded a live album at a club in St. Thomas, close to London, Ontario, where most of the band lived.  Daryl and Brian put together the live tracks, resurrected a few studio tracks that up until then had been unreleased, and recorded a brand new track that they wrote in the studio as they were recording:  Wrecking Ball.   This album gets overlooked sometimes, but it has, in my opinion, a couple of great tracks:   Shock City  Psycho Rock, Same Room, and Wrecking Ball.

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