Back for Another Taste


After Brent left the band at the end of the Wild in the Streets album and Capitol/E.M.I dropped us from the label, Paul and I were given a choice by our manager Bill Seip:  We could either fold the band and take the $35,000 we had saved up over the years or take that money and go record a new disc.  We decided to forge ahead.  The album was recorded primarily at The River Studios in Fort Erie, Ontario.  In Canada we eventually did a licensing deal with Capitol Canada.  In the States we were on Grudge Records (who eventually ripped us off) and in Europe on Doug Smith’s label GWR.   We toured Europe with Ian Gillan and I was planning on leaving the band when we returned to Canada but something funny happened…one of the songs I had written with Mark Ribler from Brooklyn, N.Y. was becoming a huge hit.   I never did quit and here I am today.


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