Wild in the Streets


This was our “last shot at the can” with Capitol/E.M.I. (who were referred to in the business as “Every Mistake Imaginable”) and they pulled out all the stops, hiring world famous producer Mike Stone to tweak the knobs.  In fact, we were given the choice between using Stone and another up and coming producer by the name of Mutt Lange.  We chose Stone because of his work with Queen, Journey, Whitesnake, and many, many more.  Stone took me to his house in London one day (it was previously owned by one of the Gibb brothers) and there were U.S. certified gold and platinum albums that started on the wall by his front door, run around the room, up the stairs, and around his bedroom. He told us that every cent he made for a couple of years had gone up his nose.  Musta been a lot…The release party for Wild was on the corner of Sunset and Vine in front of the Capitol tower.  The company  brought in Super Tramps P.A. system, 20 port o’ pots on flatbed trailers, gave away a HELIX motorcycle as a prize for something or other, had a helicopter flying overhead filming the show, and took out heavy advertising on the local heavyweight metal station-KROCK.  This all cost around $70,000 U.S.  Unfortunately for us however, we lost our “in guy” at the company-Bill Bartlett-who was fired for drug use-and our relationship was over with Capitol without even knowing it.  We toured the U.S., dropping from playing concerts in big venues to little bars.  It was at the end of this album where longtime Helix guitarist Brent Doerner decided to leave the band.

You can read all about this period in the band’s history by reading my book “Gimme an R!” available through the merchandise section of Planet Helix.  Unfortunately we do now have the CD for sale as Universal now owns the rights, having taken over E.M.I. several years ago.

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