Long Way to Heaven


This was our third album on Capitol/E.M.I.  The first single was a Paul Hackman/Bob Halligan song “Deep Cuts The Knife”.  This song attained double breaker status on U.S. radio.  In Canada the album acheived platinum status (100,000 units sold) and in Sweden it went to Number One.  The band toured the U.S. with Accept and Keel while headlining in Sweden and in Canada.  It was produced by Tom Tremouth at Phase 1 Studios in Toronto.  The video for this song was filmed by Al Kool.  The second single was a song called “The Kids Are All Shakin'”, which was filmed at the old Massey Ferguson plant, the same location we used for the Heavy Metal Love video.

You can read all about that time period of the band in my autobiography “Gimme an R!”, available on the merch section of the Helix web site.  Unfortunately, the CD is not available, as Universal now owns the rights to reproduce, having bought Capitol several years ago.

Note: The white leather suit I’m wearing on this CD was stole from the dressing room where we filmed the Deep Cuts the Knife video.

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