Brian Vollmer

Brian Vollmer has been the lead vocalist and force behind Helix since it’s inception in 1974 and continues to run the band today. As well as releasing over 13 full length Helix albums, Brian has released his own solo CD entitled When Pigs Fly (2000) and sang on the 1998 Cherry Street CD, Buster Cherry. Brian has also performed with the London Symphony Orchestra in the Jeans & Classics series, was a member of the Ontario Youth Choir, and is one of the last teachers of true Bel Canto in the world, having been taught by Edward Johnson for 32 years. (Edward Johnson was the youngest member of the New York Metropolitan Opera and a soloist in Norman Vincent Peele’s choir). Check out Brian’s teaching website at: Some of Brian’s vocal students include Mercedes and Morgan Lander of Kitty and Tim Hicks, formally of Serial Joe.

In 2009 Brian appeared in his first movie role: A non-speaking role in the Trailer Park Boy’s movie Countdown to Liquor Day. Alex Lifeson of Rush appears in the same scene in drag.

Vagabond Bones, the 2009 Helix release, was a collaborative effort between Sean Kelly and Brian. On five of the tracks Moe Berg also was a co-writer.

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